48 hour news blackout

The need for connection to others, the need to know information and the easy access to the news adds to the dependency of technology. As Deresiewicks argues, the postmodern society highly depends on technology in order to avoid solitude.  Throwing myself in that twilight zone of partial solitude from all news had me surprisingly at ease. The saying, ignorance is bliss perfectly described my 48 hours of news blackout. Before taking on this assignment I thought I would be anxious. I have always been one to search for current events and be up to date with news. However, not knowing … Continue reading 48 hour news blackout

Memory and its Let Down

Memory can be rather tricky, just like the telephone reference from the article, with time it can be misconstrued. When we replay a memory, our current surroundings, previous conversations and different idea could have altered the memory. As stated in the article by Chabris and Simons, one cannot remember the exactness of the memory and reiterate it later on as it occurred. Any event, conversation or idea can throw the memory off. For example when Hillary Clinton stated that she welcomed under sniper fire in Bosnia but was actually welcomed by children. The surrounding event could have led her to … Continue reading Memory and its Let Down