48 hour news blackout

The need for connection to others, the need to know information and the easy access to the news adds to the dependency of technology. As Deresiewicks argues, the postmodern society highly depends on technology in order to avoid solitude.  Throwing myself in that twilight zone of partial solitude from all news had me surprisingly at ease. The saying, ignorance is bliss perfectly described my 48 hours of news blackout.

Before taking on this assignment I thought I would be anxious. I have always been one to search for current events and be up to date with news. However, not knowing allowed me to think more about my life and not about the horrors that we hear on the news. I did find myself relying more on social networking sites and texting friends. I depended more on the social connection. For example, I caught myself accessing Facebook through two different devices at the same time, I didn’t even realize it until a few seconds after scrolling down the same timeline. The ability to access Facebook made me feel connected to something but when I put my phone down I did not know what to do with myself.  I caught myself flipping through my social media applications time after time. Even when I went out to eat with friends flipping through social media was inevitable.

Deresiewicks emphasizes that our culture depends on that celebrity connectivity. The more friends, followers, views, likes, or retweets you have the better it is. Attention and validation is something this culture wants and needs and something I saw myself wanting and needing more during the black out. Even though we feel like we take a pretty selfie we need the validation that our so and so followers agree. We have unnecessary amount of Facebook friends but not actual friendships with those people. During this black out I caught myself posting more photos and sharing more posts than any normal day.

Until now, I did not realize that the same connection I get when I connect to social media is the same feeling as when I access news apps or news content.  I am connected to the world by knowing what is going on. In order to fill that void of news I focused more on the “relations” I had online. Even though I had a blissful news free 48 hours, having news is a necessary intrusion of solitude. I personally, need to be connected to the world and my surroundings via technology, in person or through the news.  Even though I am in Florida I want to learn about what is happening on the other side of the world. It’s the sense of belonging I belonging and being a part of something. Even though that specific news piece had nothing to do with my life the fact of knowing, allows the connection the Deresiewicks talks about this culture needing. Ignorance is not actually bliss and maybe that article of news had nothing to do with me but the following article might.

Overall, the fear of boredom and the fear of being alone is just as Deresiewicks describes it. Being alone isn’t something that in the actual terminology is very rare. One way or another we are not truly alone and the need to feel connected is part of this culture.


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